Land Transport

Land Transport

At Logistica, we understand the critical role that land transport plays in the supply chain, and we're dedicated to providing reliable and efficient land transport services to support your logistics needs.

Our Comprehensive Land Transport Services:

  • Road Freight  Our road freight services offer versatile and cost-effective transportation for various cargo sizes and types. We ensure timely and secure delivery, whether it's short-distance regional transport or long-haul interstate shipping.
  • Container Trucking  With a focus on precision and safety, our container trucking services ensure the smooth movement of goods from ports to your destination. We handle container pick-up, transportation, and timely drop-off at your specified location.
  • Temperature-Controlled Transport  For perishable and temperature-sensitive cargo, we provide specialized temperature-controlled transport, maintaining the integrity of your goods throughout the journey.
  • Heavy Haulage  We're equipped to handle oversized and heavy cargo with our heavy haulage services. Whether it's machinery, equipment, or specialized items, we ensure secure and efficient transportation.
  • Cross-Border Transport  Our cross-border GCC transport services simplify the complexities of international logistics, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and the smooth flow of goods between countries.

Service Coverage:

Our land transport services extend across key regions and destinations, connecting your cargo seamlessly. Whether you're transporting goods within a city, across state lines, or internationally, our expertise and reliable network guarantee efficient delivery.

Why Choose Logistica?

  • Proven Expertise  With years of experience in land transport, our team excels at managing diverse cargo needs effectively.
  • Global Network  Our extensive network includes reliable carriers and local logistics experts worldwide, providing you with a global presence.
  • Customer Satisfaction  Satisfied clients attest to our dedication to delivering exceptional service tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Competitive Pricing  We understand the importance of cost-effective logistics, offering competitive rates without compromising service quality.
  • Compliance  We strictly adhere to local and international regulations, ensuring the safe and compliant transportation of your cargo.

Choose Logistica for dependable land transport services that simplify your logistics operations. Contact us today for a personalized quote and experience the efficiency and reliability of our land logistics services.

Your cargo's journey begins with us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Land Transport Services

1. What is land freight ?

Land freight, also known as road freight or trucking, refers to the transportation of goods overland by trucks or other vehicles on roads and highways. It is one of the most common modes of freight transportation, offering flexibility, reliability, and accessibility to various destinations. Land freight can involve the movement of goods within a local area, between cities or regions within a country, or across international borders.

Land freight services typically include the pickup, transport, and delivery of goods from one point to another, either directly or through a network of distribution hubs and terminals. Trucks and other vehicles used for land freight come in various sizes and types, including vans, box trucks, flatbeds, and refrigerated trucks, allowing for the transportation of different types of cargo, from small packages to oversized or specialized equipment.

Land freight plays a crucial role in supply chains and logistics, facilitating the movement of goods to meet customer demand, replenish inventory, and support trade and commerce. It complements other modes of transportation such as sea freight, air freight, and rail freight, providing a comprehensive solution for transporting goods to their final destination.

2. What types of cargo can be transported via land freight services?

Our Land freight services can transport a wide range of cargo types, including:

1. *General Cargo*: This category includes everyday goods such as consumer products, electronics, clothing, and household items.

2. *Perishable Goods*: Refrigerated trucks are used to transport perishable items like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, seafood, and pharmaceuticals that require temperature-controlled environments.

3. *Bulk Cargo*: Bulk cargo such as grains, coal, ores, and construction materials like sand, gravel, and cement can be transported in bulk carriers or specialized vehicles.

4. *Liquid Bulk*: Tanker trucks transport liquids such as petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, oil), chemicals, liquid gases (LNG, LPG), and food-grade liquids like milk or juices.

5. *Oversized and Heavy Cargo*: Specialized flatbed trucks, low loaders, and heavy haulage vehicles are used to transport oversized or heavy equipment, machinery, industrial components, and construction materials.

6. *Automobiles and Vehicles*: Car carriers or transporters move automobiles, trucks, buses, and other vehicles from manufacturers to dealerships or distribution centers.

7. *Hazardous Materials (Hazmat)*: Specialized carriers equipped to handle hazardous materials transport chemicals, flammable liquids, gases, explosives, and other dangerous goods in compliance with safety regulations.

8. *Livestock and Animals*: Livestock trailers or animal transporters are used to transport livestock, poultry, and other animals for farming, breeding, or commercial purposes.

9. *Specialty Goods*: Specialty cargo such as fragile items, high-value goods, art pieces, and exhibition materials may require customized packaging and handling during transportation.

These are just some examples of the types of cargo that can be transported via land freight services. Land transportation offers versatility and flexibility, making it suitable for various industries and applications in supply chain management and logistics.


3. What size of cargo can your land freight services accommodate?

We typically accommodate a wide range of cargo sizes, from small parcels to oversized or heavy loads. The size of cargo that can be transported via land freight depends on several factors, including:

Type of Vehicle: Different types of vehicles are used for land freight, including vans, box trucks, flatbed trucks, refrigerated trucks, and specialized trailers. The size and capacity of these vehicles vary, allowing for the transportation of various cargo sizes.

Weight and Dimensions: Land freight services can accommodate cargo of different weights and dimensions, provided they comply with legal restrictions and safety regulations governing road transportation.

Specialized Equipment: For oversized or heavy cargo, specialized equipment such as low loaders, heavy haulage vehicles, and extendable trailers may be used to transport the cargo safely and efficiently.

Packaging and Handling: Proper packaging and handling of cargo play a crucial role in determining the size and type of cargo that can be transported via land freight. Some cargo may require special packaging or handling arrangements to ensure safe transportation.

Route and Accessibility: The route taken by the land freight carrier and the accessibility of the pickup and delivery locations also impact the size of cargo that can be transported. Factors such as road conditions, clearance heights, and weight restrictions may affect the choice of transportation method and equipment.

Overall, land freight services are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of cargo sizes, making them suitable for various industries and transportation needs. It's essential to work with a reliable logistics provider or freight forwarder to determine the most suitable transportation solution based on your cargo requirements.


4. Do you offer tracking and monitoring systems for land freight shipments?

No, we do not offer tracking and monitoring systems for land freight.

5. How do you calculate freight rates for land transportation?

Freight rates for land transportation are calculated based on several factors, including:

1. *Distance*: The distance between the origin and destination points is a primary factor in determining the freight rate. Longer distances typically result in higher rates due to increased fuel and labor costs.

2. *Weight and Volume*: The weight and volume of the cargo being transported affect the freight rate. Carriers often use weight-based or volume-based pricing, charging based on the actual weight or the volume (cubic meters) of the cargo, whichever is greater.

3. *Type of Cargo*: The type of cargo being transported can impact the freight rate. Specialized equipment or handling requirements may result in higher rates for certain types of cargo, such as hazardous materials or oversized loads.

4. *Mode of Transportation*: The mode of land transportation (e.g., truckload, less-than-truckload, refrigerated transport) and the type of vehicle used (e.g., van, flatbed, refrigerated truck) can influence the freight rate.

5. *Fuel Costs*: Fluctuations in fuel prices can affect freight rates, as fuel is a significant operating expense for land transportation carriers. Fuel surcharges may be applied to compensate for increases in fuel costs.

6. *Seasonality and Demand*: Freight rates may vary based on seasonal demand fluctuations and market conditions. Peak seasons or periods of high demand may result in higher rates due to limited capacity and increased competition for transportation services.

7. *Additional Services*: Additional services such as expedited delivery, specialized handling, or insurance coverage may incur extra charges, which can impact the overall freight rate.

6. Do you accommodate urgent deliveries in land freight services? If so,what are the options available?

We are able to accommodate urgent deliveries only within the United Arab Emirates.

7. Do you offer any value-added services such as warehousing or distribution?

Yes, we offer warehousing and other value-added services.

Warehousing isn't just about storing goods; it's an integral part of your supply chain that can add significant value to your business. At Logistica, we go beyond traditional storage solutions by offering a comprehensive suite of value-added services that can transform your warehousing experience, streamline operations, and contribute to your overall success.

Our Value-Added Warehousing Services:

Labelling and Packaging  

Our experts provide custom labelling and packaging solutions. Whether you need specialized branding, barcoding, or retail-ready packaging, we've got you covered. These services can save you time and improve the presentation of your products.

Kitting and Assembly  

Reduce complexity and save time by outsourcing your product kitting and assembly to us. We can assemble components into finished goods or create kits for efficient order fulfilment.

Quality Control  

Maintain product quality and brand reputation with our quality control services. Our teams can inspect and test products to ensure they meet your specifications and standards.

Order Customization  

Tailor your orders to your customers' exact requirements. Our order customization services enable you to provide personalized experiences, from unique product combinations to custom labelling.

Returns Management  

Efficiently process returns and minimize the impact on your bottom line. We'll inspect, repackage, and restock returned items or handle them according to your specific instructions.

Repackaging and Reworking  

Adapt to changing market demands or address issues with products by repackaging or reworking items. This can help reduce waste and save costs.

Reverse Logistics  

Manage the return of goods from customers efficiently. We'll handle the entire process, from returns processing to restocking or disposal.

E-commerce Fulfilment  

Seamlessly integrate your e-commerce business with our warehousing and fulfilment services. We can pick, pack, and ship orders directly to your customers, providing a hassle-free experience for your online shoppers.

8. Do you require cargo Insurance ?

Yes. This is very important as the General insurance given by IATA/ Maritime or Transporters are basically covering cargo on a minimum value .It is always safe to take an individual cover at all times especially for high value cargo.