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UN/DG Certified Packaging

The United Nation’s universal system for the classification, packaging, marking and labeling of dangerous goods to facilitate their safe transport are established. International regulations governing road, rail, sea and air transport are all based on the UN system.

Our sourced products are under the regulations and meet standards of performance before it has been authorized for the carriage of dangerous goods. Package performance is established by subjecting specimens of the packaging to the tests described in Chapter 6.1 of the UN Model Regulations. If they pass the tests, packaging subsequently manufactured to the same specification, may be regarded as meeting the requirements and marked accordingly.

The competent authority of an approving country, usually the country in which the tests have been performed, allocates a unique UN approval mark to each successfully tested packaging design-type and this may be applied to every serially produced packaging that conforms to the design-type specification.

Our supply for UN specification variation packaging includes:


  • Fiber board boxes
  • Paint Can packaging
  • Diagnostic substances / infectious substances - Biological substances packaging
  • Combination packaging – glass containers
  • Combination packaging – metal cans
  • Combination packaging – plastic containers