Welcome to Logistica, a leading global freight forwarding and logistics service provider


Our firm employs longshoremen and contracts to load or unload the ship. We have through knowledge of the operation of loading equipment, proper techniques for lifting and stowing cargo, and correct handling of hazardous materials. In addition, our workers are physically strong and are able to follow orders at their best.

What we offer?


  • Loading/ Off loading all types of cargo ships
  • Packing/Bagging/re-bagging of break bulk cargoes
  • Cargo logistics and handling equipment
  • Specialized cargo handling gear
  • Project Cargo Management and Supervision
  • Lashing and unlashing of cargo
  • Stuffing & Destuffing Containers
  • Hire of Equipments
  • Manpower Supply
  • Camp and Catering Facility

What is Unique with us?


  • Trusted & reliable partner
  • Excellent relationship with authorities
  • Professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team
  • Quick turn around of vessels & cargo, ensuring operational efficiency
  • Constant connectivity with ship owners / operators & charterers
  • Expertise to handle container, car carrier, tanker, break bulk & cruise vessels
  • Network of offices
  • Standardised services delivered always to exceed your expectations