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Land Transportation

Logistica/NK – one of the leading road transport service providers in the GCC, operates a varied fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles.

Logistica/NK complements customer’s businesses by ensuring safe handling and timely delivery of shipments. Fleet management and in-cab solution systems are used to complete vehicle tracking, route management and to record each milestone.

The range of road transportation services include:

Distribution: A fleet of delivery trucks play a crucial role in just-in-time deliveries as part of total supply chain solutions for clients using Logistica/NK’s distribution centres. Regular twice daily (or more frequently if required by customers) deliveries are made to retail outlets and customer premises. Inter-city or point-to-point deliveries are routed, as and when necessary, through a central transshipment hub.

Container Transportation: Logistica/NK transports the full range of container types all over Middle East.

Groupage: For less than full truck loads (LTL), Logistica/NK operates scheduled groupage services, consolidating shipments to various locations across Middle East.

Full Truck Load (FTL): Logistica/NK operates curtain-slider trucks, built for maximum efficiency. The curtains slide back to allow fast access to the load, whilst rear door access is also possible. This results in easier loading and offloading of palletized cargo.

Specialized Road Transport Vehicles: To meet the specific requirements of clients, Logistica/NK operates car carriers, refrigerated trucks for frozen and chilled loads, livestock carriers, side loaders (capable of grounding containers at any location) and container tipping trailers plus curtain-slide trucks. This means optimum flexibility in terms of speed, routing and types of loads carried.

Solutions for specific sectors:

Our solutions for our customers cover the full range of services in warehouse, distribution and value-added activities. We cater customized solutions & services for our clients.

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