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Warehousing & Distribution

Need Warehousing? Is your cargo Seasonal Production, Seasonal Demand, Large-scale Production, Continuous Production or do you need Quick Supply or are your looking for Price Stabilization

We can offer Private Warehouses or Bonded Warehouses


  • Our warehouses are located at a convenient place in Jebel ali and Cargo Village where goods can be loaded and unloaded easily.
  • Adequate equipments for loading and unloading the goods. Thus reducing the wastages in handling and also minimizes handling costs.
  • Adequate space availability inside the building to keep the goods in proper order.
  • Cold storage and temperature controlled facilities for preservation of perishable
  • Proper arrangement to protect the goods from sunlight, rain, wind, dust, moisture and pests.
  • Sufficient parking space should be there inside the premises to facilitate easy and quick loading and unloading of goods.
  • Round the clock security arrangement should be there to avoid theft of goods.
  • The warehouses are fitted with latest fire-fighting equipments to avoid loss of goods due to fire.


What we offer?


  • Storage and Cargo Handling
  • Protection of goods
  • Risk bearing
  • Processing
  • Grading and branding
  • Transportation
  • Cross Docking
  • Picking, packing & labeling
  • Crafting and palletizing
  • Ship items from one or many facilities to one location in order to do additional work.
  • Need special services such as labeling, repacking, order fulfillment, or product assembly.
  • Consolidation of multiple shipments into a bulk shipment
  • Deconsolidation of a mass shipment into many smaller shipments directly to your customer
  • Warehouse Inventory Management System

Advantages of warehousing



  • Protection and Preservation of goods
  • Regular flow of goods
  • Continuity in production
  • Convenient location
  • Easy and professional handling
  • Useful for small businessmen
  • Facilitates sale of goods
  • Reduces risk of loss