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What we have to serve you

Your customers are demanding. They want more choices. More flexibility in ordering and delivery. More information about their shipments. And they want it done faster and cheaper. And with more care for the environment, health & safety.

You're demanding too. You understand the importance of a smooth-running supply chain, and you want yours designed seamlessly and operated flawlessly.

We in Logistica can help you meet your customers' demands while also managing the priorities of your own business.

As a leading regional logistics company, we design, implement and operate complex supply chain solutions for large and medium-sized national and multinational companies - companies like yours.

And we do it all with a commitment to your success. We believe a fluid supply chain is as important to a profitable business as good sales and finance functions are. We help you increase efficiency and reduce transit times - and that keeps your customers satisfied and keeps orders coming in. We help minimize inventory and cut costs - and that maximizes your profits.

In short, Logistica makes your business flow
Integrated Logistics is a comprehensive integrated supply chain solution. Through this solution, Logistica acts as the customer's supply chain partner and takes responsibility for assembling and managing the resources, capabilities and technologies of our organization with those of complimentary servie providers.

Utilizing an Integrated Logistics solution paces the responsibility and accountability for the management, performance, cost and development of supply chain functions, transactions, systems and llogistics suppliers under a singl umbrella.

Utilizing our well-established network of relationships, capabilities and providers, we make our customers' supply chain operations efficient and sealess.

Our capabilities include:

  • Best overall balance among freight, inventory and labor costs
  • Multiple transport modes
  • Multiple sites of manufacturing and distribution
  • Best practices across the network
  • Track benefits across the network
  • A coordinated control tower capabilit to flexiblyreact to 'real-time' issues.

Our role as an Integrated Logistics includes:

  • Designing, developing and implementing supply chain strategy and networks
  • Integrating supply chain systems, operations and participants
  • Providing visibility, flexibility, predictability of the supply chain
  • Collaborating with the customer and supply chain participants
  • Selecting and managing supply chain participants
  • Delivering enhanced supply chain value and continuous improvement
  • Managing performance
  • Providing consultancy within and outside the scope of responsibilities.

We create value for our customers in the following ways:

  • Greater shareholder value
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Revenue growth - from enhanced product quality, availability and customer services performance
  • Operating cost reduction - from distribution, transportation, cost of goods purchased and staffing
  • Working capital reduction - from inventory reductions and order cycle time improvements
  • Fixed capital reduction - from efficient asset transfer and enhanced asset utilization.