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Information Technology Department
Information technology is the backbone of successful supply chain management. Current global business trends demand information on all transactions to be available up to the minute and with direct 24 hour access. Expediting shipments reliably, quickly and efficiently are only parts of the job; accurate, real time information is vital for all concerned.
Logistica has invested in the latest information systems designed for effective logistics management and link ups with the local customs departments, ports/ airport authorities and local and global partners, ensuring that all shipments are effectively tracked from origin to destination.
The systems ensure that customs documentation, manifest registration and clearance of shipments are conducted with ease. Interactive systems enable customers to access information on shipments at any chosen time.
Logistica Information Technology Department is a special-purpose division that is responsible for research, development, implementation and maintenance of information & analytical systems and ensure information security. Information Technology department provide distinctive IT infrastructure, applications and tools for atomization which reduces the manual jobs, accelerate the business process and all aspect of organizations work including
  • Freight calculation and capacity planning 
  • Operations and technical management 
  • Financial management 
  • Budget planning 
  • Payroll Management  
  • Operation analysis  
Department employees are regular participants at exhibitions, conferences and seminars conducted by leading global hardware and software developers such as Microsoft, Sybase, Cisco and others. This enables them to keep abreast of all recent developments in the field and actively employ the latest advancements in the field of information technology for the Department's work.