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HR & Admin. Department
We believe that competent and dedicated staffs are part of our success & growth. We make our environment challenging & fulfilling by providing employees with the required career growth which pave path for their success and benefit to the Company. Our people are the driving force behind our success. Our strategic and coherent approach will enhance employee’s skills, thus leads to attain our goals.
Training: Logistica provides training to the employees based on their experience and training needs analysis. We provide a platform for our employees to grow and develop within the organization. We firmly believe in supporting the career aspirations of our employees’ through our performance management and development systems in order to enhance their knowledge and strive towards achieving Logistica’s objectives.  
Recruitment: we always welcome qualified and hardworking candidates as we want the very best people to join us as experts. We pursue the company’s mission, vision and recruits the highly talented professionals which makes our goals comes true.