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Finance Department
Finance is the study of funds and its management and without the finance department we really are trying to run our business blind. 
The department of accounting and finance is one of the five departments in Al Rai Logistica Company and we provide full support to all other departments. We believe that the strength and the back bone of our company is the finance department. Our Finance department team comprises of qualified professionals from different countries and is operated to international standards, and is audited annually by globally renowned accountants and advisors. This helps us to ensure that each and every element of our business operations is of the highest quality and standard.
Strong financial resources, high standards of financial control, qualified professionals, centralized finance department, best management and the ability to identify the strength and weakness and take corrective measures from time to time will helps us to go along with the long term and strategic corporate plans. 
The important financing activities are:
  • Financial planning & budgetary control
  • Financial accounting & financial statements
  • Measuring the business performance- Financial statements analysis
  • Financial management- Procurement of funds and its applications
  • How our investors see us- Stock market ratios
  • Valuing the company
  • Shareholder value and economic profit
  • What we must sell to make profit- Pricing policies
  • Tools for evaluating projects- Capital budgeting techniques
  • Where is all our cash –Managing working capital