Welcome to Logistica, a leading global freight forwarding and logistics service provider

Brand Promise

Logistica stands for operations excellence by instilling a lean operating culture and by empowering front line employees to anticipate and provide appropriate solutions to their customer issues and needs.
Logistica provides the most suitable solutions thanks to an in-depth understanding of our customers' business, based on the expertise of the sectors in which we work.

As a company, we are easy to work with, open, honest, responsive and providing quick access to senior decision makers.

Logistica combines the heritage of two great companies - Logistica and Enkay Express - synergizing the best practices from both the companies.
Logistica fosters an open environment in which all employees contribute to Logistica's growth. Logistica is fresh and different compared to Logistica's main competitors; Logistica dare to take a new perspective, showing eagerness to acquire new knowledge and expertise and to tackle opportunities.
Logistica is modest because we understand that we need to listen to and learn from our customers.


Solutions for specific sectors:

Our solutions for our customers cover the full range of services in warehouse, distribution and value-added activities. We cater customised solutions & services for our clients.

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